The institute only has one intake and normally starts in October every year.

The Institute does not offer distance learning. However, much of the learning takes place online

Yes it is. The only issue is that, you can only be called to the Bar upon fulfilling the practical part of LPQE in accordance with the student diary rules.

The LPQE is divided in terms. It has three terms

The Institute offer short courses i.e. continuous professional development programs (CPD)

ZIALE is an Institution just like any other learning Institutions. We have different departments that require professionals from various disciplines

ZIALE is a government Institution

Statutes are sold. However, the institute has a library that is open to the public upon affiliation

The institute has an inclusive learning approach with no segregation due to ethnicity, race, disability or religion


By access which is ZIALE official website.After that you click portal on the home the home page

By login into the Ziale portal with your student number,then click student tab, then examination tab then select final or mid

By login into the Ziale portal, select your profile on the right side of the window,then select change password,type current password then type you new password.

By accessing Ziale website,the click e-learning,then login with your user name which is your student number without prefix C,then select your program of study, then select course. All material will show within that course

Login to the ziale portal select Examination tab select your exam application,then under your picture profile you should see print docket

Access Ziale website on the home page select resource centre, then downloads you should see annual reports new letters and other documents to download

login to the portal with your student number on the dash board select view result


Currently it is K1, 500.00

Account Name: Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education, Bank Name: ZANACO, Branch Name: Lusaka Centre, Account Number: 1359724300187

Account Name: Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education, Bank Name: ZANACO, Branch Name: Lusaka Centre, Account Number: 1359724300187

1. Answer: The total is K 33,715.00 Broken down as follows
Tuition Fees : K17,000.00
Exam Fees : K 8,250.00
Modules : K 3,850.00
Statutes : K 3,365.00
Library Fees : K 350.00
Internet Fees : K 350.00
Statute Verification (Mid & Final - K200 per session): K 400.00
Student ID : K 150.00
2. This total amount can be paid in instalments as follows:
- 75% of Tuition Fees plus 100% for a set of Statutes, Student modules, Student ID, Library and Internet fees which brings the total to K 20,815.00.
- 25% of the Tuition fees totalling K 4, 250.00 makes the second instalment.
- 50% of Examination fees and Statute verification totalling K 4, 325.00 is the Third instalment
- The final instalment is K 4, 325.00 which is the remaining 50% of Examination fees

(A)The Institute stock a variety of Lawyers Garments among others: Barrister Wigs both Ghana and UK,Sleeved Waist Coats for Graduation Attire and Ede & Ravenscroft both are UK,UK cufflinks,Collerette Ladies Bibs UK,Ghana Ladies Bibs, Cotton and Plastic Collars, Ladies Winged shirts Evess England, Lawyers Ladies Stripped /plain white shirts,Men’s Elastic Bondsmen Collarless shirts white,Men’s Winged Shirts white, Pairs of Collar studs, and Corporate Shirts,
The procedure to purchase
Lawyers Garments is to deposit the money in the ZIALE account as per price of a particular item you are interested in after which you submit the deposit slip to the cashier who in turn will produce a ZIALE official receipt for the bearer of the deposit slip. Lastly, the ZIALE official Receipt is presented to Stores office where the garments paid for are issued to the bearer of the Receipt. No cash transactions are allowed.
Note: All Lawyers Garments are priced differently, for further information, you can contact 0977495561,STORES OFFIICER

Answer: (B) There are different types of garments in stores. The procedure is for a client to visit stores and check what they want to buy. Thereafter pay (by either using a point of sale or going to deposit at the Bank) and later collect the items paid for.

Tuition is K 700.00 per head and Exam fee is K 850.00 per head

If You Have Any Questions You Can Contact Us